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X-Art Model AJ

Age: 23

Country: England

Rating: 8/10 (1368 votes)


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AJ is a Russian born London based wild child. She has always gone against the grain and loves experimenting with sex. She approached us at X-Art and asked if she could demonstrate her talents with a friend we've already shot before. I told her many men have the fantasy of their wife and a young girl or two young girls. She said that girl can be her and to let her show us. So she did. She is quite the firecracker. Ready to try anything once. Watch the video and find out more about her!

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X-Art Model AJ

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Rebecca & AJ in Everybody Plays Three Ways

Rebecca & AJ in Everybody Plays Thre

Mar 16, 2018 |

1920x1080 HD Video


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Rebecca & AJ in Everybody Plays Threeway

Rebecca & AJ in Everybody Plays Thre

Mar 12, 2018 |

94 Images


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