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X-Art Model Nastya


Country: Russia

Rating: 7/10 (1140 votes)


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Russian model Nastya is a strikingly beautiful 22 year old with raven hair; a slender body with legs to die for; gorgeous ivory skin tone; and an insatiable sexual appetite. Trust me: she absolutely adores sex in every way possible:-) This dream girl happily acknowledges with a wink that she gets off showing you her amazing oral skills and some gracefully acrobatic sex with a guy -- including some hot backdoor action. "Yes, I love to have orgasms with a hard cock in both my pussy and up my ass," Nastya told me as her eyes sparkled. "The difference is that American models hint about what they want from a guy, and we Russians just demand it!" Here's to intimate international relations, Nastya.

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X-Art Model Nastya

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Nastya in The Thinner The Spinner

Nastya in The Thinner The Spinner

Sep 4, 2018 |

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