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X-Art Model Rainbow

Age: 19

Country: USA

Rating: 9/10 (735 votes)


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18 years old and first time ever in front of any cameras. She was shy, but got into it. The one time we shot her, a rainbow caressed her tiny body. Hope to see her back soon. She's busy exploring her boundaries and it seems she's now pretty comfortable with most erotic scenarios. We like to call her Rainbow Brite. Especially after the rainbow incident. Now that was cool. She was a small town girl, just off the bus to La La land. I can't wait to see who she is the next time we shoot her. And we hope she finds her pot of gold.

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X-Art Model Rainbow

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Rainbow in Teenage Glitter And Rainbows

Rainbow in Teenage Glitter And Rainb

Apr 29, 2018 |

1920x1080 HD Video


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